Final Report of Monitoring of The 2020 Parliamentary Elections in Georgia

The present report summarizes the results of monitoring of the October 31, 2020 parliamentary elections by the International Society of Fair Elections and Democracy (hereinafter, ISFED). ISFED conducted pre-election, election day, runoffs and post-election monitoring throughout Georgia.

ISFED carried out the pre-election monitoring over the period of five months before the Election Day, from June 1 to October 31 of 2020, through its central office and 68 long-term observers (LTOs) in 73 electoral districts. ISFED released six interim reports of pre-election monitoring.

On the Election Day, October 31 of 2020, ISFED carried out its monitoring in all electoral districts. Its observation mission monitored the opening and setting up of the polling stations, voting, counting and tabulation of results. To assess qualitative and quantitative aspects of the election, ISFED used the Parallel Vote Tabulation (PVT) methodology2. On the Election Day, ISFED’s observation mission consisted of 980 observers deployed in the precinct and 73 observers deployed in the district election commissions and, additionally, 78 mobile groups. ISFED also deployed observers in 4 polling stations opened abroad.3 Data analysis and incidents center comprising of 20 operators and 11 lawyers operated in the central office in Tbilisi.