Securing Free and Fair Conduct of the 2021 Municipal Elections

Donor: Open Society Georgia Foundation 

Duration:  July 1, 2021 – December 31, 2021 

Budget: USD 38,750

Project objectives:

The overall goal of the project is to contribute to achieving fair, safe and free conduct of 2021 Municipal elections in Georgia. More specifically, the project will evolve around two objectives:

· Timely detection of and response to cases of pressure, intimidation and coercion of voters and public sector employees, including through legal means;

· Increasing awareness of employees of schools and kindergartens on their rights and restrictions in elections, and through that, protecting them from coercion in the election campaigns.

Project activities:

Legal assistance: ISFED will provide legal assistance to public sector employees coerced into the election campaign or dismissed on political grounds, as well as voters, whose social assistance is suspended on political grounds. The organization will offer both – legal consultation and assistance in court proceedings. Information on the legal assistance will be disseminated through ISFED’s web-platforms and a PSA.

Trainings of teachers: ISFED will conduct civic and education trainings ‘elections and democracy’ for school and kindergarten teachers. The attendees will be selected through open call, and will go through the trainings in four 25-member groups. The trainings will be held online.