Building Societal Resistance to Disinformation

Donor: European Union Delegation in Georgia  

Contract Duration: 11.2021-12.2022 

Budget: 171,571 GEL 



  • To increase resilience against disinformation among underserved and vulnerable groups of the Georgian public through improved critical thinking, media literacy and content verification skills; 
  • To make available in Georgian language a new resource for general public to contribute to building whole-of-society approach to countering disinformation; 
  • To gather state and non-state actors around joint causes to better coordinate and seek common solutions to shared challenges. 



  •  Organizing a series of media and information literacy workshops for adults and elderly citizens across the country, with a focus on alumni and beneficiaries of EU-supported programs and other target groups, in spring-summer 2022.  
  • Translation into Georgian, publication and targeted dissemination of “This Is Not Propaganda: Adventures in the War against Reality” by Peter Pomerantsev among project beneficiaries and key multipliers in spring-summer 2022.  
  • Conducting two conferences on topics related to journalism ethics, disinformation and media literacy in May and October 2022. These events will aim to enhance coordination among various actors working on respective themes – CSOs, credible media, professional associations, academia, fact-checkers, relevant government agencies, etc. to share best practices, exchange lessons learned and find ways to move forward.