International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy April 27, 2013 Parliamentary By-Elections Statement #3

Main Findings
ISFED observed that the voting process was conducted in a calm environment. In the majority of the polling stations observed, the Election Day remained organized and within the frame of procedures prescribed by
law. Voters had possibility to vote freely at the ballot boxes. Despite this, irregularities in the process of voting  through  mobile  ballot  boxes,  presence  of  unauthorized  persons  at  polling  stations,  and  minor procedural violations during opening and closing of the precincts were identified as main problematic trends
of the day.

Based on the information received from 60 polling stations of the three districts, ISFED concludes that precinct election commissions (PEC) registrars always requested voters to present the necessary documentation for identification and voting was permitted upon granted upon presenting proper ID document. Inspection of inking was conducted according to the established rules in absolute majority of the polling stations, while inking was applied to voters with the special liquid in 58 precincts, two precincts being the exception, where three persons were not inked. In most of the cases, ballots were always being confirmed with signature and stamp. No cases of violation of secrecy of the ballot were identified. According to ISFED’s information there were no cases of pressure or intimidation at the polling stations. Upon verification by our observer, ISFED could not confirm or deny the alleged claims regarding communication between chief of police and precinct election commission members at the Bagdati #10 precinct.

Based on our information, out of the party representatives the voting process was mainly observed by the Georgian Dream coalition and United National Movement, while in Nadzaladevi, representatives of Labor Party were also present.

At this point, ISFED observers have submitted total of 12 complaint-appeals to the election administrations, out of which 6 are submitted to the PECs, 5 to the District Election Commissions (DEC) and 1 to the Central Election Commission (CEC). For procedural violations of lesser significance, 6 warnings were registered in
the record book.

Complaints  with  the  request  of  disciplinary  responsibility  of  PEC  members  are  submitted  to  the Nadzaladevi and Samtredia DECs, two in each district. Two appeals with recommendations regarding the demonstrative list of candidates were taken to the Bagdati and Samtredia DECs as ISFED believed that the materials bore indications of agitation. One appeal was presented to the CEC regarding presence of unauthorized persons at the polling stations as observers.

From 16:00 to the counting of votes ISFED identified following violations.
• Signature in the voters’ list instead of another voter was detected in Nadzaladevi #3 polling station.
• One case of voting without proper ID was observed in Samtredia #28 precinct.
• Procedural violation prior to the opening of the ballot box was identified in Nadzaladevi #99 PEC. All cases were responded with appropriate complaints.

April 27, 2013; 21:30