Non-Governmental Organizations: Prosecution of Members of the New Trade Union Should End

16 non-governmental organizations and civil sector representatives release a statement in support of the Georgian Railway Workers' New Trade Union. 

We would like to express our concern over the acts of gross violation of freedom of association by administration of the Georgian Railway JSC and their failure to abide by the agreement reached following the December 3, 2014 strike. Prosecution of leaders, activists and members of the Georgian Railway Workers’ New Trade Union, and the practice of their disciplinary punishment and discrimination must end. 

Hereby, we urge:

_The Minister of Labor, Health and Social Affairs of Georgia to provide effective oversight for fulfillment of the agreement reached between the administration of Georgian Railway JSC and the Georgian Railway Workers' New Trade Union following a strike on December 3, 2014; for a social dialogue at the Georgian Railway JSC in abidance with the law, and for ending the practice of discrimination

_The Georgian Partnership Foundation to strictly control actions of the administration of the Georgian Railway JSC, and for the purpose of preventing any further restrictions of freedom of association at the company, it must ensure timely and effective fulfillment of obligations undertaken by the collective agreement with the Georgian Railway Workers' New Trade Union. 

_The Government of Georgia and its advisor on human rights issues, by means of adequate, timely and effective monitoring facilitate investigation and prosecution of acts of violation of freedom of association reported in petitions of the Trade Union addressed to the advisor. 

We apply to the diplomatic corps in Georgia with a request to discuss the practice of discrimination and prosecution against the Georgian Railway Workers' New Trade Union with the government of Georgia, in frames of the human rights dialogue and discussions on political and economic issues. 

The civil sector of Georgia expresses its solidarity with the Georgian Railway Workers' New Trade Union and its members for full realization of their democratic civil and labor rights. 

1. Article 42 of the Constitution
2. International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy 
3. The Caucasus Institute for Peace, Democracy and Development (CIPDD)
4. Human Rights Center
5. Human Rights Education and Monitoring Center
6. Transparency International – Georgia 
7. Identity 
8. Young Social Democrats
9. Tbilisi Fabian Society
10. Shelter
11. Multimedia Group of Students Reactor
12. Green Fist
13. Young Greens of Georgia
14. Network of Students’ Self-Government 
15. Movement Student Solidarity
16. Youth Georgian Trade Union Organization