The Coalition Reacts to the Conference of Judges

The XXXII Conference of Judges has been scheduled for March 24. According to the agenda, among other issues, the Conference will discuss the election of members and the Secretary of the High Council of Justice and "the developments concerning the courts".

The Conference of Judges will take place amid ongoing attempts to discredit the European Commission's recommendations  concerning systemic justice sector reforms. The recovery of the judicial system is one of the key recommendations of the European Union. Thus, every facet of this Conference will be closely monitored by numerous local and international organizations. Consequently, the outcomes of the Conference will play a crucial role in Georgia's pursuit of the European Union membership.

The past observations from Judicial Conferences have revealed a tendency of using this vital platform of judicial self-governance primarily for strengthening the influential group of judges, so called Clan, backed by political support. Given the Conference agenda and the prior practices, one may reasonably assume that the Clan will once again attempt to select its confidants for key administrative positions. Thus, it will demonstrate the superficial unity among the judges alienating unconforming individuals, including judges who are willing to undergo integrity checks to fulfill the European Commission's recommendations.

Considering the above, today the expression of rightful positions by judges at the Conference -- free from the influence of any particular group or party interests within the judiciary – gain paramount importance. We hope that the majority of judges will withstand political, professional, or personal pressures and, should the influential group propose a statement that undermines the interests of justice and the European integration process at the Conference of judges to be held on 24th of March 2024, will  not support it.