\'International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy\' (ISFED) releases a special statement regarding changes in the composition rules of the Ajara

On January 29, 2013 Ajara Supreme Council adopted a law on changes to the rules of composition of the Supreme Election Commission despite the numerous calls from civil society organizations to refrain from these changes.

ISFED is particularly concerned as these kind of abstract amendments to the Supreme Election Commission composition rules, without connection to a broader election reform, are perceived out-of-context and can be viewed as an attempt to exert political influence on the electoral administration.

On December 26, 2012 ISFED, together with partner organizations, applied to the Supreme Council of Ajara Autonomous Republic with a statement, calling upon the Council to review the rules of composition of the Supreme Election Commission only in - line with electoral reforms and in the format of discussion with civil society.

ISFED believes that the amendments have been adopted hastily and are not in coordination with the process of electoral reform. At the same time, adoption of these changes does not provide that the election administration is free from political influences.