ISFED’s Statement on Personal Data of Voters Removed from Registration

On September 10, 2013, the State Services Development Agency published on the Internet database that allows voters to receive information about the status of their registration and to familiarize with procedures of renewing registration. This is a public database that contains personal information of voters removed from registration, including their names, surnames, DOBs and personal ID numbers. 

Pursuant to the Election Code, voter surname, name, DOB, address, place factual residence, date of registration in the unified voter list and sex are all part of the public portions of the voter list. Therefore, we believe that making personal ID numbers of voters public violates stipulations of the Election Code and the law of Georgia on the Protection of Personal Data. 

ISFED welcomes establishment of the database by the Agency based on ISFED’s recommendations; however, it also believes that information that contains personal data of voters should not have been made publicly available. 

Therefore, we apply

To the Inspector for the Protection of Personal Data – to launch an immediate probe within the scope of his purview and make corresponding decision as prescribed by law
To the Agency for the Development of State Services – 
-to ensure that personal ID numbers of voters are protected;
-launch active information campaign to raise awareness of voters about how to verify their personal information on the list and how to register anew.