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Openning of polling stations and voting process by 14:00

The International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy (ISFED) is monitoring the June 9 runoff of the by-elections in the electoral district of Mtatsminda through 31 short-term observers, a district election commission observer and 2 mobile groups.  

ISFED observers are represented at all electoral precincts of Mtatsminda where they are monitoring the elections using the Parallel Vote Tabulation (PVT) methodology. The PVT allows immediate identification of violations, systemic evaluation of the Election Day process and verification of accuracy of official results. 

At this time, ISFED presents information about opening of polling stations and the voting process. 


Main Findings

ISFED’s observers were allowed to enter and observe all polling stations in the electoral district of Mtatsminda. 100% of polling stations in Mtatsminda were ready to receive voters by 08:00. 

According to the ISFED observers, the opening and setting up process at the majority of polling stations took place without substantial violations. 

At Mtatsminda electoral precincts no. 11, 18, 22, 32 and 33 there is a trend of mobilization of representatives from different observer organizations who are tracking names of voters that arrive at the polling stations. At electoral precinct no. 11 this is done by a representative from an observer organization – “Multiethnic Unity”; in precincts no. 18 and 32 - by representatives from “United Youth Network of Georgia”; in precinct no. 22 - by a representative from “Georgian Movement for Unity and Unification”; in precinct no. 33 - by a representative from “League for Defending Law Enforcers”.

At electoral precinct no. 12 observers protested tracking of voters by one of the registrars which caused a disagreement but it subsided after a representative from CEC intervened. The registrar was removed from this function and the issue was resolved. 

At electoral precinct no. 3 a registrar let a voter sign in a field for a different voter (his/her family member).


ISFED reminds voters that they need to have an ID card or a passport of a Georgian citizen with them to be able to vote. 

ISFED calls upon all eligible voters in Mtatsminda to go to the polls and express their free will by voting for a candidate of their choice.


The ISFED observation mission is made possible with the support from the Embassy of Switzerland to Georgia. Views expressed in this statement belong solely to ISFED and do not necessarily reflect positions of the Swiss Confederation.