Another Court Ruling in favor of ISFED

International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy (ISFED) won another case in court. On November 13, 2015, Tsageri District Court granted claim of Tamila Gabidzashvili, represented by ISFED. 

Ms. Gabidzashvili participated in a competition for the position of Representative of Tsageri Municipality Gamgebeli in Tvishi Administrative Unit (Tvishi, Orkhevi, Lapekha and Korenishi). She succeeded in first and second stages of the selection process and was invited to interview but she did not win the competition. The interview questions were inappropriate, with no relevance to candidates’ professional credentials and competencies; instead, they were motivated by political bias, in violation of applicable regulations of Georgian law. Based on regulations of the commission for selection and certification, each candidate should answer a set of identical questions, prepared beforehand; however, the commission did not use any such questionnaire during the interviews. 

In her claim the candidate sought invalidation of competition results and repeat of interview process. Tsageri District Court granted her claim in full by invalidating the results and ordering Tsageri Municipality Gamgeoba and the commission for selection and certification to repeat the interview process. 

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International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy provides legal assistance within the project Protecting Rights of Civil Servants for Politically Neutral and Discrimination-Free Public Service in Georgia funded by the Embassy of Netherlands in Georgia. Within the project ISFED provides free legal consultation, representation and prepares legal documents for victims of unfair selection and certification process and dismissals without legal cause in public service.