Second Report Of The Monitoring of Post-Election Processes in Local Self-Governments After 2012 Parliamentary Elections

Victory of the Georgian Dream coalition in the October 1, 2012 Parliamentary Elections should not have affected distribution of power in local self-governments, the process of replacing municipality officials ensued immediately after the elections were over. Former officials (Gamgebelis, Mayors, Sakrebulo Chairpersons) affiliated with the United National Movement were massively replaced by candidates of the Georgian Dream.

Changes in the local self-governments mostly occurred in the midst of protest rallies. In particular, local population and mostly local supporters and activists of the Georgian Dream, started staging protest rallies demanding resignation of municipal officials. Regrettably, rallies often turned illegal by expression of physical violence, invasion of buildings, disruption of meetings and blocking offices of Gamgeoba.

During the second reporting period, following mass replacement of municipal officials the focus was shifted to the lower levels. Newly appointed officials started the process of changes in Gamgeoba and Sakrebulo staff. Most of the dismissed employees state that they willingly submitted letters of resignation; however, there were also a number of cases where officials demanded employees write letters of resignation. The dismissals massively affected village trustees and specialists.

ISFED Monitoring of Post Election Processes by ISFED