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Eight Propaganda Messages about the Crisis in Ukraine on Facebook

Eight Propaganda Messages about the Crisis in Ukraine on Facebook

In parallel with the expected aggression by the Russian Federation against Ukraine, messages directed against the West and skeptical of NATO, authored by groups supporting the Kremlin’s interests in Georgia, have begun to actively circulate in the social media in Georgia. In voicing individual messages, they are also supported by the pro-government public figures who position themselves as experts, analysts and/or political scientists.

Today, the civilized world is trying to obstruct the Kremlin’s military assault and open aggression on Ukraine, which is manifested in the mobilization of more than 100,000 military servicemen and heavy military hardware near Ukraine’s borders, the strengthening of the elements of hybrid warfare, and cyber-attacks. Russia is demanding a change in NATO’s enlargement policy, including the rejection of Ukraine’s and Georgia’s bid to join the alliance. Against this backdrop, in parallel with diplomatic pressure on the Russian Federation, the Western partners are strengthening Ukraine with military and financial resources. The Eastern European wing is growing stronger within the framework of NATO, and it is clear that the United States, together with NATO, and the European Union, is fully supporting Ukraine.

Despite the ongoing geopolitical shifts in the region, the turmoil surrounding Ukraine – the strategic partner and friendly nation of Georgia – has not become a part on the Georgian state agenda. After a prolonged silence, the tweets by several members of the Georgian Parliament and the minister of the Foreign Affairs – where they expressed general support for Ukraine’s territorial integrity and state sovereignty without mentioning the Russian Federation – can be seen as taking a public stance of the government. Against this backdrop, a number of solidarity rallies in support of Ukraine were held by a part of the civil society. Opposition parties drafted a resolution in support of Ukraine; the text of the resolution was prepared by the ruling Georgian Dream party as well, but the text did not mention Russia. Due to disagreements between the parliamentary parties over the resolution text, the document was only adopted on 1 February with the support of the ruling party, the Citizens party, and European Socialists.

Against the backdrop of vague messages from the authorities, pro-Russian groups – Alt-Info, its followers, and other supporters of the Kremlin’s interests in Georgia – activated anti-Western and anti-NATO messaging. It is noteworthy that on January 21 of this year, the founders of Alt-Info – i.e., the Conservative Movement party – held a teleconference with Russian Duma deputies, together with the representatives of other pro-Russian organizations, on the topic of Russian-Georgian relations in the wake of the Ukraine crisis. These groups used the Ukraine crisis to push their agenda and stress the importance of Georgia distancing itself from the West and engaging in international formats initiated by Russia.

On the one hand, ISFED observed pro-Russian groups that spread propaganda narratives and disseminate anti-Western messages. On the other hand, the organization studied the views of the experts, analysts, and political scientists whose messages typically correspond to the ruling party’s rhetoric, messaging, and information policy, and whose analytical assessments appear on the most controversial events. The mentioned experts mainly post their opinions on Facebook pages, later, their statements are made public on pro-government television and shared on online media and anonymous Facebook pages. Expert opinions are often posted on Facebook in the form of advertisements for widespread dissemination. Their statements are shared by anonymous pages that, ISFED believes, are covertly acting in support of the Georgian Dream.

In contrast to pro-Russian actors, some of the pro-government experts have issued statements in support of accession to Western institutions while simultaneously criticizing NATO’s and the European Union’s so-called closed-door policy and presents Georgia’s membership in these institutions as hopeless in the near future. The mentioned experts presented the resolution in support of Ukraine adopted by the Georgian Dream in a positive light, while accusing the opposition wing of causing tensions in the country.

The observation of social media sources revealed that the main propaganda messages concerning the crisis in Ukraine form a chain of messages directed against the West. The messages are skeptical of NATO, while offering Russian-initiated international formats as an alternative foreign policy.

Messaging by Sources Disseminating Propaganda Narratives and Pro-Government Experts on the Ukraine Crisis

Eight Propaganda Messages About the Ukraine Crisis on Facebook

Some of the messages disseminated by pro-Russian actors coincide with the views of experts loyal to the Georgian Dream.


Pro-Russian Groups

Experts loyal to the government

#1: Refraining from mentioning the Russian Federation in the resolution in support of Ukraine is a strategically correct step by the ruling party.



#2: The opposition aims to pursue a policy of irritating Russia and to stoke tensions with aggressive rhetoric.



#3: Georgia’s and Ukraine’s accession to NATO is not feasible.



#4: Georgia’s engagement in the 3+3 format may prove to be beneficial.



#5: Integration into NATO and the European Union is a disadvantageous step for Georgia.



#6: In the event of a Russian invasion, the level of resistance in eastern Ukraine will be small.



#7: Western sanctions on Russia will be ineffective.



#8: The United States and NATO will abandon Ukraine and Georgia.




Message #1: Refraining from mentioning the Russian Federation in the resolution in support of Ukraine is a strategically correct step by the ruling party.

Positive messages about the resolution supported by the Georgian Dream were disseminated on the pages that spread propaganda narratives. During an Alt-Info broadcast, Conservative Movement members equated the language of the resolution with the statements made by the Western leaders towards Georgia. The leaders of the party approved the message of the resolution regarding the inadmissibility of an attack on a sovereign state. In their opinion, mentioning Russia in the resolution may have precipitated provocation. The leaders of the party stated that with the resolution, the Georgian Dream began to put hesitant pressure on the West.


Against the backdrop of the fact that the West cannot guarantee the security of Ukraine that is the second largest country in Europe; does not intend to help it with military force; threatens Russia only with economic sanctions; given the fact that we have a small and weakly equipped army with no state-of-the-art weapons, given the fact that in 2008 during the war we received only diapers and expressions of concern from the West; considering that our ancestors won wars by having faith in God, whereas today, our nation and our elites are far from the Lord, some ignorant and foolhardy people are crying out, demanding that we begin to issue active statements against Russia. Some madmen are directly calling to become involved in a war that has not yet begun and to commit suicide.

Hopefully, our government, which, like the majority of governments in the world, is unfortunately under the influence of globalist satanists, has retained enough prudence and instincts of self-preservation not to become involved in this madness, because becoming involved in it will end in complete disaster for them as well as for the country!!!

Tornike Bedianashvili


Some of the opinions shared on Facebook pages suggesting that Georgia should all together refrain from making statements in support of Ukraine. The pages Georgia Above All and Gorgasliani published an opinion suggesting that reason for Georgia’s restraint could be the lack of guarantees from the West to Georgia and insufficient Western assistance in 2008, as well as the weakness of the Georgian army.

Leaders of the Conservative Movement viewed Ukraine as a subject of the US foreign policy and supporting them was assessed as joining already lost war. Jaba Chankvetadze, a member of the Solidarity for Peace organization, also lobbied in favor of more refrained statement during an Alt-Info broadcast.

The resolution prepared by the ruling party was positively assessed by their supporter experts and analysts, who expressed their opinion on the issue using the same messages. In their view, the ruling party took the right position on foreign issues by expressing support for Ukraine and expressing concern in the text of the resolution about interfering in the sovereign rights of the country and the possible escalation of the situation. At the same time, analysts praised the government’s balanced policy, assessed the resolution as one that is insured against provocation, and spoke of avoiding escalation as well as the war in Ukraine. Some of the experts discussed the need to refrain from making radical statements amid the complicated political situation, opposing “loud, noisy statements.”





Screenshot #1:


The Georgian Dream has demonstrated the highest class!

First and foremost – in order to take a correct stance on foreign affairs, it authored a resolution expressing open support for the Ukrainian people and the sovereign rights of Ukraine. At the same time, the text brought such indisputable, correct, and universally accepted facts and simple truths that no one in the world (not even Russians, if you can imagine) could argue against it! Furthermore, Georgia will be the first country to adopt a resolution in support of Ukraine!

In domestic politics: firstly, it distanced itself from the position of the radical opposition and did not become a co-signatory with them, thus insuring itself against provocative rhetoric both now and (especially) in the future. And secondly, it simultaneously made the opposition state that it agrees with the principles of the resolution.

Truly, bravo!


Screenshot #2:


The Georgian Dream team is always ready to rise to the challenge. This is particularly evident in the foreign arena as Saakashvili’s destructive calls and actions are always aimed at worsening the situation. Despite futile efforts, the Georgian authorities will never pursue a policy that harms our relationship with our friends and partners.

Lies, disinformation, and manipulation will remain in the National Movement’s arsenal. They possess nothing that is rational, logical, and consistent.


Screenshot #3:


The main thing in politics – both internationally and domestically – is balance. A document – especially a resolution of this level – must be created with a high level of responsibility in order to avoid any provocative actions.

Especially when our opposition is rich in members that are incompetent and often harmful.




















Message #2: The opposition aims to pursue a policy of irritating Russia and to fuel tensions with aggressive rhetoric.

In parallel with the events unfolding in Ukraine, a campaign to discredit the opposition was underway in the social media. Members of the Conservative Movement stated during Alt-Info broadcasts that the opposition was being funded by the West to irritate Russia, and that more provocations will be seen in Georgia together with the aggravation of the situation in Ukraine. The founders of Alt-Info criticized the opposition for rallies in solidarity with Ukraine, stating that such performances amount to disrespecting the people of Ukraine, and that real support would entail going to Ukraine and fighting alongside with them instead of merely expressing moral support. The Facebook page Kardhu caricatured the participants of the rally in support of Ukraine and the European Union while highlighting the small number of people present.


Such rhetoric was observed among pro-government experts as well, who stated that the opposition aimed to fuel tensions in the country. Experts have also accused the opposition of pursuing Russian interests, with the ultimate goal of the complete occupation of the country by Russia. Most of them refered to the 2008 Russia-Georgia war, accusing the United National Movement of losing territories as a result of its aggressive policies as well as handing Georgian villages to Russia. Some of the experts also called the party a traitor and “a signatory to the capitulatory resolution.” Experts accused the opposition of pseudo-patriotism and populism due to their support of Ukraine and referred to the opposition’s performances – including displaying the Ukrainian flag on their Facebook profile picture frames – in a sarcastic manner.






Screenshot #1:


In recent days, the National Movement and its satellites have been trying to offend the Georgian Dream team, as if the Georgian authorities are doing nothing to support Ukraine.

Pseudo-patriotic and pseudo-solidary sentimentality is categorically unacceptable from those who handed over 20 percent of our country’s territory and signed the Council of Europe’s Resolution #1633 of capitulation before the Kremlin in 2008.

Georgian public does not need an advice from the allegedly pro-Western but in fact pro-Russian Saakashvili and his entourage, especially regarding a foreign policy! This totalitarian sect is trying in vain to score political points and, most importantly, to orchestrate yet another escalation between Georgia and Russia.

The fact that the authorities of Georgia are in constant contact and coordination with our Western partners and our friends in Ukraine, naturally, will not be shown on Saakashvili’s “pocket television” stations. However, we have an immense variety of digital media in addition to the “nats-channels” [derogatory term used to describe UNM members and supporters], which have no rating whatsoever. The blind adept of the nats-sect believes whatever he is being fed, while the majority of the public evaluates events in an objective manner.


Screenshot #2:

This document will not cause us to lose more than 110 villages and will not cause us to fall under complete occupation!!! – Irakli Lataria.


Screenshot #3:


For the past two days, the nats-media [derogatory term used to describe UNM members and supporters], and “Western-minded” social media users have been calling on the Georgian authorities to actively support Ukraine.

Some days ago, I listened to “in-depth” political analysis by one Mariam Geguchadze and some other activist about the confrontation between Russia and Europe and…

To be quite frank, I almost ended up siding with Russia (luckily, I have strong nerves).

I really do not understand what exactly it is that they are demanding with this hype.

What can the authorities do – should they bomb Moscow? Should members of government add Ukrainian flags to their Facebook avatars? Should they stage a performance near the Taras Shevchenko monument?

Whatever the supreme executive or legislative bodies of state should be doing, whatever obligations they have as a friendly state – it is being done.

It is being done and it will be done in the future as well, but the pointless race that the above-mentioned speciments desire is completely unnecessary, and the country really has no time for such foolishness.



































Screenshot #4:


Were the [United] National Movement in power in our country today, Georgia would be openly and directly engaged in a military escalation. This is the simplest logic, based on the actions and rhetoric that the National Movement is carrying out and engaged in. I’m telling you directly that we have been saved by the fact that this harmful, pro-Russian force has been stripped of all leverage by decision of the Georgian people, and the only recourse left for them is to scream and shout.


Screenshot #5:


Oho! So, having proven themselves capable in terms of domestic policy, our opposition has now turned to a foreign policy: apparently, they now have opinions on Ukrainian-Russian confrontation, or rather, the confrontation between Russia, the United States, and the West. There are opinions and then there are opinions, especially considering how “successfully” they fought at the time, first on the diplomatic front and then during the military hostilities against Russia. They lost 152 villages (although their chief Saakashvili called them a pile of stones), and then came the occupation of 20 percent [of the country]. So, the false heartache of the radicals and the Nationals, directed toward peace, is somewhat immoral. Their participation in this challenge can be really dangerous, especially considering the number of times they have followed the Russian agenda!


Screenshot #6:


Today, I saw the escapades of the current or former members of the [United] National Movement – and the seemingly “pro-Western” opposition that jumped on their bandwagon – regarding the Ukraine issue. There was an immediate déjà vu of the period of UNM rule when they were trying to irritate Russia and provoke aggression by all means and at all levels. That is how they led us to August 2008. Today, they want to get the country back on the same track. Of course, they are not worried about the result and their argument will be the same – “We have unmasked Russia, have we not?”

The people who fled the country in 2008 by rushing to airports and forming long lines of vans loaded with loot at the Red Bridge to escape the country are now telling us how we should act.

Support does not necessarily imply constantly making harsh statements and drastic moves. Only the powerful of this Earth can afford to do that. Public statements of support for Ukraine will be made when the time is right.

As President Zelensky himself stated, “They have declared war not on us, but on our nerves.” So, calm your nerves, ladies and gentlemen!
































On the other hand, in parallel with the tensions along Ukraine’s borders, Georgian pro-government experts have accused Ukraine of having not partnering or friendly actions, referring to Ukraine’s refusal to extradite the political leaders of the previous government, including Mikheil Saakashvili. Some experts blamed the United National Movement for turning Ukraine into a rivalry country.



Message #3: Georgia’s and Ukraine’s accession to NATO is not feasible.


Screenshot #1:


We would like to remind you that Ukraine’s and Georgia’s accession to NATO is inscribed in the constitutions of these countries.

Several days ago, the supreme legislative body of Ukraine – the Rada – adopted a statement calling for a specific date for Ukraine’s accession to NATO.

However, everyone can see that the statements of leading NATO countries as well as the officials of NATO are far from being concrete. They feed these two countries a hope and illusion that one day, in the distant future, the decision made at the Bucharest Summit will be realized.

A question arises: When?

Joe Biden: The likelihood of Ukraine joining NATO in the near future is very small.

Olaf Scholz: The admission of new Eastern European countries to NATO is not on the current agenda.


Screenshot #2:

Soso Manjavidze – “We are in no “danger” of NATO [accession]”, has become equated with the fable of Mullah Nasruddin and the carrot.





















One of the most common narratives concern Georgia’s and Ukraine’s lack of prospects of NATO accession. Alt-Info actively disseminated the narrative during its broadcasts, according to which NATO member


states believe that Georgia’s membership in the alliance is not smart. A refusal of NATO member states to integrate these countries was also posted on the Facebook page Politicano.[1] The same message was shared by a political scientist, Soso Manjavidze, who voiced that the goal of a condition for NATO membership is to control the loyalty of the authorities. At the same time, according to him, only biased expert circles and non-governmental organizations are discussing this topic, and propaganda from the Soviet Union times is being disseminated regarding this issue. Manjavidze also ruled out Ukraine’s accession to the alliance. The same position was held by historian Guram Kartvelishvili, whose messages were published on the pages Georgia Above All and You Are Georgia.

Some of the pro-government experts/analysts stated that against the backdrop of potential Russian aggression and general tensions, Georgia is a partner of the West, with whom it holds close consultations. Nevertheless, some of them were skeptical about the countries’ prospects in terms of integration into the alliance in the near future. According to an expert Davit Kartvelishvili, the process of NATO accession has been delayed and there are no prospects in terms of integration, therefore clearer messages are required. Analyst Giorgi Tsutskiridze stated that the alliance has done nothing in terms of Georgia’s accession to NATO after the Bucharest Summit of 2008, and that their promises are gradually losing relevance. Tsutskiridze sees the signing of a free trade agreement and the deployment of an American base in Georgia as the solution. Edisher Gvenetadze also made sarcastic statements about Georgia’s and Ukraine’s prospects in terms of NATO and EU accession, stating that the West will not exchange a peaceful existence for an unrest.

Screenshot #1:


For now, let’s list your heroic deeds. I understand that you can leave our sovereign right to elect our own judges without outrage. Turning the organizations that grossly violate the rights of the majority of the country into objects of your care and protection – we know and appreciate it. Annual preparations of Pride marches – we’ve experienced it. Wailing for Londa – we need to include it on the UNESCO list of intangible heritage by now. Turning criminals and recidivists into “political prisoners” and having them released from prison – we have assessed this as well. So, this is your full arsenal, with which you intend to fight the reincarnated Sovietization of Georgia? Well, good luck to you…


Screenshot #2:


Ms. Victoria Nuland: “We have countries that want to join NATO, including Georgia and Ukraine – the decision has to be made by these applicant countries and NATO members, no one else has the right to veto it.”

What more can the applicants do? Do you remember the joke when a mother started playing a record of a fairy tale for her small child before going to the store? The record turned out to have been flawed, and when the mother returned home, she could hear from behind the door: “Do you want to hear a story, little one? Do you want to hear a story, little one? Do you want to hear a story, little one?” and child’s desperate shouts: “I do! I do! I do!”

So, it is now time for the members of NATO to make this decision, otherwise all this is becoming reminiscent of that scene from the movie Kidnapping, Caucasian Style – “Well, the groom agrees, relatives too, but as for the bride…” when you’ve been promising someone marriage for 14 years but refuse to take her to the registry office, eventually either she will marry someone else, or be kidnapped.

Today and tomorrow, very important talks in this regard are taking place in Brussels and Vienna in the format of the NATO-Russia Council. Hope they won’t give a green light to their competitors in regards to Ukraine or Georgia.


Screenshot #3:


By the way, we find ourselves surrounded by awesome politicians and experts (particularly awesome is the women’s duet consisting of Chergo [Tamar Chergoleishvili] and former defense minister Tiniko [Tinatin Khidasheli]. They shoot as professionals and make no mistakes in political prognoses! Were one to believe them, Valodie Putin will go to sleep tonight and not wake up tomorrow morning!

And Russia will disintegrate – if not this Saturday, then on next Tuesday for sure!

In the meantime, we and Ukraine will end up in NATO before the start of the Great Fast, and we will celebrate Easter with red eggs in the European Union!

So, play the music, what are you waiting for? So far, this wedding includes neither NATO nor the European Union!

Also, I could not have imagined that there could be so many idiots in this small country!


Screenshot #4:


NATO said: Let’s close this open door here, but I will keep a door peephole and you keep a door bell. And ring it from time to time – I’m at home all day…











































Message #4: Georgia’s engagement in the 3+3 format may prove to be beneficial.

Screenshot #1:

This diagram, which was published recently as a result of a study conducted by the United States’ Carnegie Endowment, clearly shows the choice of the majority of the Georgian public between restoring territorial integrity and NATO integration. I would like to remind you that in 2017, as a result of pressure from Western partners, an amendment was made in the Constitution of Georgia according to which the foreign policy direction in the context of belonging to Euro-Atlantic space was declared, on behalf of the Georgian nation, to be the sole unchallengeable decision – the historic choice and the ultimate goal!

Although the main law of the country is not a political and legal document reflecting transitional political trends, it was nonetheless reflected in the Constitution, virtually blocking any attempt for it to ever be considered as a referendum issue for direct democracy – at a minimum, for the duration of this Constitution! And this, in addition to violating the fundamental rights of our citizens, in fact, limits the sovereignty of the country and the opportunity to take a favorable and advantageous position at any given time – both in general, in the contemporary system of international relations, and in the regional platform of cooperation, which already united all participants in the region except our country!

In view of the above, it is becoming increasingly clear that we are dealing with voluntarism, dictated from outside, which implies Georgia’s unconditional vassal status toward a particular geopolitical center and grossly violates its formal sovereignty and identity, undermining any opportunity for free development!

Therefore, it is necessary to immediately begin collecting signatures in the country’s territory and in the areas of consular representation abroad to remove the exploitative amendment, which is contrary to the spirit of the Constitution as proclaimed by the Georgian people!

Dimitri Lortkipanidze


With the worsening of the situation in Ukraine, the leaders of the Conservative Movement began to talk about the need for Georgia to participate in the regional 3+3 format[2] initiated by Turkish President Erdogan. They also announced a visit to Russia to review this proposal. The party stated that Georgia risks nothing by participating in the format. The Conservative Movement also spoke about the need for a dialogue with Russia, so that if a situation similar to Ukraine is created, Georgia would have a security guarantees. The party expressed its agreement for the resumption of flights and visa-free travel between Georgia and Russia, as well as for its readiness to deploy Russian military infrastructure on Georgian territory in case of the restoration of territorial integrity. Political scientist Soso Manjavidze also spoke about the 3+3 format, stating that the United States forbade Georgia’s participation in this format, adding that on the other hand, by taking this step, Georgia could become a financial hub where the interests of major geopolitical players could be pursued.

The Facebook pages - Georgia Above All and Queen also published a statement by Dimitri Lortkipanidze, director of the Primakov Georgian-Russian Public Center, according to which the inclusion of the issue of belonging to Euro-Atlantic space in the Constitution deprives the country of the opportunity to participate in a regional cooperation platform.

Experts and analysts supporting the Georgian Dream also spoke about the positive aspects of participating in the 3+3 format. Davit Kartvelishvili supported participating in the format as an observer, stressing that this step does not obligate Georgia to change its political positions and does not envisage face-to-face relations with Russia. Kartvelishvili noted that for a country that was left outside the military bloc, becoming a financial and investment center might be more important than weapons. Additionally, the analyst also wrote about the possibility of raising issues pertaining to de-occupation within the framework of the format. Giorgi Tsutskiridze also spoke about the usefulness of the format, noting that participation places no obligations on Georgia in terms of political positions, and that the country would receive economic benefits.

Screenshot #2: Sergey Lavrov: “It is in Georgia’s interests to join the 3+3 format without preconditions” – a threat or a suggestion?





Other Messages from Sources Disseminating Propaganda Narratives

Message #5: Integration into NATO and the European Union is a disadvantageous step for Georgia.

Accession to NATO and the European Union was presented as a disadvantageous act for Georgia on the Facebook pages that disseminate propaganda narratives. Dimitri Lortkipanidze, head of the Primakov Georgian-Russian Public Center, stressed that the Georgian people prefer de-occupation to joining the alliances. Leaders of the Conservative Movement developed a narrative suggesting that integration into NATO and the European Union precludes the restoration of territorial integrity.

Konstantine Morgoshia, the founder of Alt-Info and the Conservative Party, sought to spread anti-NATO sentiments by inciting religious fears and suggested that destroying Orthodox Christians, bombing Orthodox countries, inciting separatism, and seizing countries’ territories were the functions of the alliance. The Facebook page Georgia Above All also disseminated anti-EU messages in the form of religious appeals.

The page Miraculous Victory Movement equated the threat posed by NATO and Russia, portraying them as forces “fighting for the throne of the Antichrist,” and advocating Georgia’s declaration of neutrality, as relations with either side would be disastrous for the country.

The page Politicano portrayed the United States and the United Kingdom as occupiers, accusing the countries of the EU of waging wars indirectly and writing about the threat posed by the increasing armament of the bloc.

Screenshot #1:

Koka Morgoshia, the founder of Alt-Info, posted the following to Facebook: This photo was taken in 1999… In Belgrade, which was bombed by NATO… And who will count how much evil and wickedness this organization has committed, and is planning to commit in the future… Nothing will save us until all of us resolutely state the truth… NATO is an organization whose sole function is the destruction of Orthodox Christians… NATO has never had and will never have any other function… They simply package everything clumsily… As a result of their provocation, Orthodox brothers took up arms against each other…! When this failed to achieve this, they personally bombed and fragmented Orthodox countries. They stirred up separatism and seized the territories of Orthodox Christians… When weapons did not work, they drowned the Greeks in money and debt, enslaving them forever… Therefore, soon, we, the Orthodox Christians will finally realize this, unite✊✊✊ and strike fear into everyone’s hearts. And then, nothing and no one will be able to stop this force. ✊✊✊ This time will come very, very soon No one has won a war against God….  And everyone will have to answer for every tear shed by an Orthodox mother, and for every drop of blood that has been spilled You will find yourselves in such a situation that you will end up missing Stalin. ????✊✊✊  If you aren’t afraid of the truth – share!✊✊✊


Screenshot #2:

Only our movement says truth! All the rest is a slave either to whore NATO or to “Red Predetor” (CSTO)!!! Lets save Georgia – join us!

Screenshot #3:

In this regard, UK is way worth than USA, it is an absolute champion of occupying and having an attempt of occupation in other countries.



































Message #6: In the event of a Russian invasion, the level of resistance in eastern Ukraine will be small.

Leaders of the Conservative Movement stated that eastern Ukraine is populated by the Russiams, and that they will offer less resistance to Russia if hostilities break out. Pages that disseminate propaganda narratives (Kardhu, Politicano) featured infographics comparing Russian and Ukrainian military forces that presented the superiority of Russian military hardware.


New German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht threatens to ban Vladimir Putin from going shopping in Paris.




Message #7: Western sanctions on Russia will be ineffective.

Leaders of the Conservative Movement stressed the ineffectiveness of Western sanctions. Statements were made suggesting that Russia would find China as an alternative in the event of an economic crisis caused by sanctions. Guram Kartvelishvili’s opinion was shared on the pages, suggesting that despite the threat of sanctions, an unconvincing tone could be felt in the speeches of Western leaders, and that Russia is an empire on the track of revival. The page Politicano also referred to the weakness of the sanctions imposed on Russia.


Message #8: The United States and NATO will abandon Ukraine and Georgia.

Leaders of the Conservative Movement stated during Alt-Info broadcasts that the United States has begun to abandon Ukraine and will abandon Georgia as well in a similar situation. At the same time, it was stated that the United States was not going to make any concessions for Ukraine and that it might consolidate Europe against Russia at the expense of sacrificing Ukraine.


In parallel with the tense political processes in Ukraine, pro-Russian groups are actively trying to convey their messages to the audience, using social media. ISFED’s observations revealed that some of their messages were in line with the views of experts loyal to the Georgian Dream. If the purpose of the dissemination of such messages by pro-Russian groups is to isolate Georgia and Ukraine from the West and bring them closer to Russia, the purpose of the ambiguous statements made by pro-government experts is vague. It is essential for the Georgian authorities to issue clear statements in support of Ukraine, which will hinder the intensification of pro-Russian influences and ensure public consolidation in the face of existing tensions and expected threats.



[1] According to Media Meter, the Facebook page Politicano is a medium linked with the Evgeni Primakov Russian-Georgian Public Center. The Center, in turn, was established by the Gorchakov Fund, which was created by the order of the Russian president, and the Georgian Institute of International Relations.

[2] The 3+3 format envisages a platform of cooperation between Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, the Russian Federation, and the Islamic Republic of Iran.