Civil initiative "Step Towards Europe" responds to the European Parliament resolution

On behalf of the civic initiative "Step Towards Europe", we would like to respond to the resolution on Georgia adopted by the European Parliament on June 9 and the debates held a day earlier, where all political groups were unanimous in their assessment that, under the current Georgian government, democratic backsliding is occurring in the country.

Furthermore, in a joint statement on June 9, the leaders of the European Parliament’s political groups called on member state governments to grant Ukraine and Moldova EU candidate status ahead of a key European Council meeting on June 23-24. Georgia, however, was mentioned separately as the statement called on member states to "work for the same status for Georgia in order to fulfill the legitimate aspirations of the Georgian people."

Instead of responding with anti-European statements that are detrimental to the country, the government should immediately start an inclusive process and create a short-term agenda for fundamental reforms, which will ensure a timely resolution of the problems cited in the European Parliament resolution. The government should also take concrete steps to demonstrate that it is fulfilling the request of the Georgian people, of which more than 80% steadfastly and unequivocally support joining the European Union.

We, for our part, with the accumulated expertise and ready-made concepts for reforms, are ready to contribute to the process that will make a European future for our people and the acquisition of candidate status realistic.